Confusion Over Jubilee House Press Capo’s “Fake” Joe Biden Letter To Akufo Addo

The Director of Communications at the Jubilee House, Eugene Arhin has been caught in a saga involving what critics are describing as a dubious letter purportedly written by Joe Biden, the President-Elect of the United States (USA) to President Akufo Addo.

In the letter, Joe Biden purportedly thanked President Akufo Addo for his “kind words” and that he was “sorry” that he and the Ghanaian president had not yet had “the opportunity to connect by phone.”

Also in the letter, Joe Biden supposedly wrote that he looked forward to working with the Ghanaians president on the coronavirus pandemic and climate change. 

“…I will take office at a time of great global challenges-from the coronavirus to climate change-that transcends borders and require international cooperation. We look forward to working with you and your government on addressing the common problem facing our countries and our peoples.”

Eugene Arhin on January 4, 2020, posted a copy of the supposed letter on his Facebook with the comment: “President-Elect of the United States of America, Joseph R. Biden Jr., writes to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo…From one President-Elect to another.”

However, as it turned out, that was the same letter that Joe Biden sent to the President of the UN General Assembly, Volkan Bozkir on Monday, January 4, 2021.

It is strange that Mr. Biden’s letter will contain the exact same reference to an unreturned telephone call in both the Akufo Addo and Bozkir’s letters. Aside from the names of the recipients and one more sentence to distinguish the UN from Ghana, the entire letter was a word-for-word reproduction.

It is unclear how close President Akufo Addo is to Joe Biden because there is virtually no report in mainstream media of other countries who have had recent elections to suggest that Joe Biden had written to them expressing optimism in working with them.

Since Joe Biden won the US Presidential elections, countries such as Romania, Croatia, Hong Kong, Algeria, Guinea Bissau, Hong Kong.

On November 8, 2019, the then-opposition leader of Croatia, Zoran Milanovic congratulated Joe Biden on his victory in the US presidential election. However in the latest bulk messages, Biden is supposedly sending to newly elected presidents of ally countries, he somehow forgot to issue the same goodwill message to now-President Milanovic who won Croatia’s presidential elections on Sunday, January 3, 2020.

Already, Eugene Arhin has become the butt of trolling on social media as critics insist the letter from Joe Biden to Akufo Addo was a doctored letter from the one sent to Bozkir.

Whatsup News has been unable to verify this accusation of fakeness. But several media outlets in Ghana have already reported on the Joe Biden letter to Akufo Addo.


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