Politicians profiting from Ghana’s illiteracy rate – Business Dev’t Consultant

Kwame Okyere Darko believes authorities take advantage of the illiteracy rate in Ghana

Business Development Consultant, Kwame Okyere Darko has opined that politicians from the two major political parties, the New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress are taking advantage of the illiteracy rate in Ghana to avoid declaring their assets before assuming political office.

Kwame explained that due to the low level of literacy in the country, many Ghanaians have no idea what the law says on public officials declaring their assets before assuming office. Those aware of such laws are not interested in it.

Speaking to Sefah-Danquah on the ‘Epa Hoa Daben’ show, he stated: “The two political parties have taken advantage of our illiteracy rate. Some people do not know about this asset declaration. Some are not even concerned about it. This is how our democracy has pushed us. Maybe some of us in Accra who are aware of the situation are the ones who will fight this course. But even with that, how many votes do we have. So they are taking advantage of this to exploit us”.

According to the Consultant, the politicians are involved in a “scratch my back I scratch your back” activity at the expense of the welfare of the people.

He advised that if Ghanaians are not vigilant, these politicians will continue to deceive us for their gain.

The conversation on public officials declaring their assets before holding office began when Communications Director at the Presidency, Eugene Arhin had his assets listed in a lawsuit by his wife, Gloria Arhin.

Gloria Assan Arhin has filed for a dissolution of their marriage after she accused Eugene Arhin of adultery and assaulting her “both physically and verbally at the slightest opportunity for over a year now.”

Mrs. Arhin also wants the court to grant her custody of their three children, as well as some properties that the couple acquired while together.

His wife revealed that in their eight-year marriage, he had acquired 32 apartments at Bubuashie and Tuba, houses at East Legon, AU village, Teshie, and Ada, which Gloria Arhin claims they jointly acquired during their marriage.

Eugene Arhin has, however, debunked all claims made by his wife stating that he will not engage in public banter because of his children.

In Ghana, two main laws regulate asset declaration; Article 286 (1) of the 1992 Constitution and Public Office Holders (Declaration of Assets and Disqualification) Act, 1998 (Act 550).

These public office holders are expected to submit to the Auditor-General written declarations of all property or assets owned or liabilities owed by them, whether directly or indirectly.


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