Ministerial vetting: Majority MPs ‘babysitting’ nominees – Vim Lady

Afia Pokuaa, a.k.a Vim Lady, a broadcaster journalist with Despite Media, has said the NPP MPs are “babysitting” ministerial nominees who appear before the Appointments Committee of Parliament to be vetted for their respective portfolios.

“I found it interesting that members of the opposition side often than not are the ones doing that [asking tough questions]. You find those at the government side, babysitting the nominees when they come before the committee,” she said in a discussion on Good Evening Ghana on Thursday, 18 February 2021.

“Because of this provision that most of the ministers will be selected from Parliament, so, there is an anticipation that perhaps they may come before the same committee as deputy ministers so they do not want to ask difficult questions,” Afia Pokuaa said.

She suggested that Appointments Committee members should not be nominated for ministerial positions so that a ‘conflict of interest’ situation will be avoided.


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